Isolation from Family

David Bush: No Goodbye

David was born in 1948 in Slough, Berkshire. After spending over two years in hospital and one year at home with a tutor, David was sent to a residential special school at the age of eight. He remained there until he was sixteen, when he attended a mainstream college.

Here David talks about the sadness he felt in not getting to say goodbye to his parents.

  • David Bush
  • David Bush


I think one of my most vivid memories is when I did get there, which makes me think my parents were quite, emotional about the parting, was that I remember being in the main entrance to the school and I saw my parents' car disappearing away, they didn't say 'Goodbye' and at that point I felt betrayed, extremely lonely and sad, and it took me a long time, to forgive them for that. I was very homesick for, really that first year.

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