Isolation from Family

Phillip Wyatt: Not Coming Home

Phillip was born in 1959 in Bristol. He attended a local special school for deaf children in Bristol from the age of two. Then at age eleven he went to a residential special school for deaf children in Surrey, continuing on to the school's residential sixth form college.

Here Phillip describes the sadness he felt when he started boarding school.


When I arrived at the school. My Mum and Dad explained that it was a boarding school and that I wouldn’t be coming home for another two months. I was shocked. We went up to bed and there was a scramble to grab the best beds, mine was apart from the others and I felt very left out from the rest of the group and alone. That night, of course, I cried. I felt heart broken. I’d been hurt by the others, and my parents had left, the family who usually kept me safe with and who would have sympathised, they weren’t here.

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