Christine O'Mahony: Pray for Me

Christine O’Mahony was born in 1952 in Northampton. As a young child Christine spent time in Nazareth House children’s homes with her two sisters, before returning to family life in Camden, London aged five. Christine attended local C of E and Catholic primary schools and a local Catholic Secondary School, also spending time in hospital aged seven.

Here Christine recalls an experience at school assembly.

  • Christine O'Mahony
  • Christine O'Mahony
  • Christine O'Mahony


You see at our school, they made us pray for children who had to sit outside the pub while their parents were in there, and that was me we were praying for! And in fact, when my dad took us to the pub we quite liked it, because we at least got some lemonade and some crisps once in a while, you know. And we might be sat outside there for several hours but we played with each other, you know, we didn’t hate it. But you know, like Sister Edmonds, the 'saint' would say at Monday assembly, you know, ‘Put your hands together now children, for those poor, neglected children who are left sitting outside a pub while their parents are in there drinking,’ and it never occurred to me we were talking about me. But it did my sisters and they were mortified by it, you know, it took me a long time to connect up, oh that’s us.

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