Isolation from Family

Sue Bush: The Middle of Nowhere

Sue Bush was born in 1948 in London. At the age of three she was sent to Chailey Heritage, a residential special school in Sussex, where she stayed until she was sixteen, then going onto college in London.

Here Sue describes being isolated from the ‘real world’.


I mean it was right in the middle of nowhere it really was it was surrounded by common, and bracken and the nearest town was five miles away, and then suddenly at the age of sixteen you were thrust into the world, and did anyone give a toss what happened to you after that? Nope. Did anyone come near or by, from social services or the education authorities or whoever else? No. You were just, you were stuck there for sort of, however many years, in my case fourteen years and then suddenly, cast out, cast out into a real world where you'd had no experience at all in handling any of it.

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