Sue Bush: Basket Weaving

Sue Bush was born in 1948 in London. At the age of three she was sent to Chailey Heritage, a residential special school in Sussex, where she stayed until she was sixteen, then going onto college in London.

Here Sue remembers her Basket Weaving lessons.



We used to do, this is so bizarre, basket weaving. I think that's a hang up from the old days when if you were disabled, you sat around weaving baskets for, for ever. It was impossible for me, I used to spend my whole time trying to see how good I got at pick pocketing my friend's pocket, to see if I could nick her comb without her knowing. She used to do one row a week for me, I mean, can you imagine me honestly, I mean I've got this hand that's not functioning very well, the other one I can't use at all, doing basket weaving? So I used to say, 'oh Chris, do us, just do us a row' and she used to do me one row and then I used to spend the whole lesson just sort of trying to eke her comb out of her pocket and she'd say 'I felt you'. I wouldn't have made a good pick pocket either.

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