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Atinuke: Tolerance

Here Atinuke talks about the ways that school could be better.


Sometimes, not in every situation, but sometimes be a bit more tolerant. So if you can’t understand something like you can’t see something on the board, don’t… I’m not sure how to explain it but I think tolerance is a big, is one of the main things. It sounds like you’re saying the teachers are forgetting your needs? Yeah sometimes, obviously you will have your big print and things like that but then if you need more assistance they won’t… sometimes they’ll remember obviously but at first they’ll just be like, 'Why can’t you do it by yourself? 'And then you’ll kind of be like, 'I need help' but yeah so it’s just tolerance. Did it make you feel like you’re a nuisance? Yeah, sometimes I used to not want to ask for help because it made me feel like, oh they’re just gonna get annoyed at me, but then I just ask for help anyway so.
I think the way things are now is quite good, there’s something’s you can’t change, the way teachers behave you can’t really change that sometimes. I like my school but then I don’t like quite a few teachers. So things like that, there’s some elements at school you can’t change. Most of the teachers that I don’t like, have had troubles with my brothers in the past. So they’ve always been a bit. . . (negative) towards me, I don’t like it when people are like that, like, I haven’t offended you so you don’t really have, you shouldn’t be able to offend me.

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