Angela Smith: Tomboy

Angela was born in 1962 in London. Her parents came to England from Guyana and settled in Walthamstow where Angela lived with her eight brothers and sisters. At age five Angela went to a local special school. Then from the age of ten she attended two residential special schools run by the Spastics Society (now SCOPE), in Lincolnshire and Kent.

Here Angela talks about an accident she had while playing with her friends.

  • Angela Smith
  • Angela Smith
  • Angela Smith


I was a tomboy and a lot of my friends were boys and they used to treat my wheelchair like a racing car, and one day I got my come uppance. When they were racing in the hall and the wheelchair tipped over, I landed on my head and I was wearing one of those plastic combs and it went straight into my scalp and that was it: blood everywhere, I had to be taken to Whipps' Cross Hospital, had stitches and I thought my mum would be sympathetic, she said 'That'll teach you for not going to your lessons on time and I was screaming with the pain, so you see I was a bit naughty. Lively huh?

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