Anthea Penfold: Bird Table

Anthea was born in 1941 in Guildford, Surrey. She spent her entire school life in residential special schools in Sussex and Kent.

Here Anthea recalls her loneliness at school.

  • Anthea Penfold
  • Anthea Penfold


I was a very lonely child at school, probably because I didn’t take part in a lot and I didn’t make friends easily, you know. I think I had two best friends in my nine years there. But I just didn’t mind, you know. I used to – I hadn’t put this in my paper, but there was one time when I had a bird table which was up in the woods. And I kept that to myself, you know, and it was my secret place. And I used to go up there a lot when things got too much. And I – since then I’ve had several places like that.

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