School Culture

Anthea Penfold: A Craft Curriculum

Anthea was born in 1941 in Guildford, Surrey. She spent her entire school life in residential special schools in Sussex and Kent.

Here Anthea describes the non academic culture at her school.

  • Anthea Penfold
  • Anthea Penfold


We got up, we cleaned our shoes, we washed, we had breakfast and we – oh yes, the school and the dormitories were separate. So we went up to the school and the curriculum was very – when I went there it was very craft based. Gradually the NHS introduced lots and lots of education, academic subjects, but not – I don’t think there was the same impetus. I mean, my sister went to a normal school. She learned a lot more than I did, you know, and she had better teachers. She had fully qualified teachers right from the start.

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