Anthea Penfold: Enid Blyton

Anthea was born in 1941 in Guildford, Surrey. She spent her entire school life in residential special schools in Sussex and Kent.

Here Anthea recalls getting her English Literature teacher changed.

  • Anthea Penfold
  • Anthea Penfold


Our form teacher was a doctor, not a teacher, a medical doctor. And the one thing I remember about that term was that she started us – she started off by reading Enid Blyton to us. As if we had no idea, as if we were children again. I mean I’d been reading adult things for so long. I mean I know The Girl of Limberlost isn’t actually adult but it’s for teenagers. And so I went to the headmaster. It was the first time I’d ever stood up against authority. He got the teacher changed to a younger group and we got someone who had a university education.

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