Nadia Clarke: British Sign Language

Nadia was born in 1992 in Hexham, Northumberland. At age five she attended a local special school and then moved to a mainstream school at age six, after the family moved to Halifax. She continued in a mainstream secondary school, then attended her local college. Nadia is planning to go on to university.

Nadia describes some of her communication support in school.


Did you have good support from teachers at school and do you have an example?
The support was fantastic and my teachers understood what support I needed. My support staff all knew full British Sign Language. That was so awesome, I loved watching them signing what the teacher said. Without sign language I wouldn’t have been able to understand anything that my teacher and class mates were saying. If I had gone to a special school I don’t think I would have had such a positive attitude about the future. It’s very important that deaf students have access to sign language.

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