Nadia Clarke: Choices

Nadia was born in 1992 in Hexham, Northumberland. At age five she attended a local special school and then moved to a mainstream school at age six, after the family moved to Halifax. She continued in a mainstream secondary school, then attended her local college. Nadia is planning to go on to university.

Nadia describes talks about restricted subject choices.


Was there any time at school when you felt you were not included? Can you give an example?
I remember it was difficult doing PE, because there were things I couldn’t do and it wasn’t very inclusive. I remember in year 9 my teacher and support staff said I could no longer do History because it was too hard for me, I don’t know why, because I loved to learn about history. I really wanted to do GCSE Media, because I was one of the best in the class, ha, ha, but I was told the exam would be too hard for me. I sort of didn’t mind, as I was already doing four other GCSE and I can’t do everything.

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