Belinda Shaw: Chess Detention

Belinda was born in Leeds in 1947. Her mother died when Belinda was just four years old and she was sent to live with another family. This traumatic event had a lasting impact on Belinda's life, and her schooling. Belinda attended mainstream primary and secondary schools.

Here Belinda recalls having detention with the Head teacher.

  • Belinda Shaw
  • Belinda Shaw


Erm, I got chucked out of Maths lessons, I used to get put in detention sometimes for asking questions, so I think to some people I was a quiet little girl and to other people I was seen as disruptive I think. But the head teacher who used to take the staff detentions, she seemed to think I was alright and helped me play chess, learned to play chess, which I never did learn very well but that’s what she used to do instead of detention.

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