Ann Torode: Hop Along Cassidy

Ann was born in 1943 in Dulwich, London. She was sent to a special primary school, then known as an 'educationally sub-normal' school until her mother won a battle to have her moved to her local mainstream primary school. From there Ann went on to a girls' grammar school and afterwards to university.

Here Ann remembers being teased at school.

  • Ann Torode
  • Ann Torode
  • Ann Torode


When I walked home the boy – 'cause this was the girls’ playground, the boys used to chase me down the road saying, 'Hop Along Cassidy'. I don’t remember playing with anybody at playtime, I remember being teased at playtime and the teachers did nothing. And my mother went to the school and spoke to – she went to each class in turn, saying, don’t do it, but it made no difference and the teachers did not intervene.

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