Michelle Daly: Led by Professionals

Michelle was born in 1972 in Newham, London. She attended a local special school from age five until sixteen and then went on to a local mainstream college.

Here Michelle talks about the influence medical professionals had on her parents.

  • Michelle Daly
  • Michelle Daly


When I was born, I was the first disabled child to be born into the family, no disabled children are born in my family as far as I'm aware, so for my parents they were pretty much guided by medical professionals, in terms of how they kind of supported my needs and they saw that advice as, you know, high as God really. And in terms of my education I think for them, being my parents, they were always referring back to what they thought my experience could have been like, had I been born in the Caribbean.

I had a really kind of balanced home life in terms of, family trying their best to ensure that I was included in all the family activities and, and I think that was a good opportunity for me, and I think I was quite lucky I wasn't boarded out, which meant that I was able to appreciate bein' brought up in a Caribbean home, which I think was good and also I had the benefit of, my parents not saying 'cos I'm disabled they're not going to take me to family functions, so I think I can, that was my saviour.

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