Mavis Parris: Never the Twain Shall Meet

Mavis was born in 1940 in Fulham, London. She attended a local special school from age five to age sixteen and from there went on to a job with the Gas Board.

Here Mavis talks about being separated from the ‘ordinary children’s side of the school.

  • Mavis Parris
  • Mavis Parris


The bottom of the school was the 'physically handicapped' and the upper school was ordinary children and they had their own entrance and we had our own entrance. And – so never the twain shall meet. We never saw them, we heard them in the playground but we never saw them. And when we went in in the morning in the ambulances, there was two great big wooden doors, you know, great old wooden doors that used to be shut and locked, once you were in, you were in.

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