Here Clenton talks about inclusion.


I wouldn’t like any other child to go through what I went through. Cos I went through, I’d say hell, cos how people perceived me. Having that label follow you around as behavioural cos nobody ever.. all they did was took a report about me. No-one sat me down cos I had, I didn’t realise, I had a massive report and even when I had acquired my disability, the medical file went on. George Rowley, he showed me this file they had on me and he put it down and he said 'I don’t want to see that, I want to know from you'. I have to admit I was taken aback cos he wasn’t using that to pre-judge me. He wanted to get his own understanding but how many teachers do that with the children? We have all these support plans but you can evolve as a person. Does these plans evolve with them? And that's some of the things for me that is important about Inclusive Education. How are you doing it and trying to do it? For me Inclusive Education isn’t a thing that you tick off, it’s not a check list, it’s a doing.

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