Impact on Adult Life

Tara Flood: The Lightbulb Moment

Tara was born in 1966 in Preston, Lancashire. She was sent to a residential special school in East Sussex at just sixteen months of age and remained there until she was sixteen. She then returned to Preston and attended a local mainstream college.

Here Tara describes her first introduction to the Social Model of Disability in her adult life.

  • Tara Flood
  • Tara Flood
  • Tara Flood


But the real, the light bulb moment inevitably – no, without a doubt, was having left the bank and then started working for a very odd organisation that gave advice to disabled people about disability equipment, as it was called, that I met a disabled woman who was really politicised, who opened the door to the Social Model. And, you know, I think – you cannot underestimate, I think, as disabled people, what that moment looks like.

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