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Tara Flood: Pig Trailer

Tara was born in 1966 in Preston, Lancashire. She was sent to a residential special school in East Sussex at just sixteen months of age and remained there until she was sixteen. She then returned to Preston and attended a local mainstream college.

Here Tara describes how children would be transported around the school.

  • Tara Flood
  • Tara Flood
  • Tara Flood


I remember being wheeled in a very strange box with wooden sides. It was kind of like a trailer, so it was on wheels that a staff member would pull, but the sides were so high that we couldn't see over it. All we could see was the sky above. It had no roof to it, and it was, you know the kind of trucks that they carry individual pigs in? I mean, really - when I describe it, it sounds crazy, doesn't it? And it had a door that had a bolt on it that we used to sort of step into, and I remember that none of us thought there was anything odd about it because it's just how it was. You know, to get from where we were, to get to where we needed to be, that's how we were taken.

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