Richard Rieser: Showers

Richard was born in 1948 in London. He attended private mainstream primary schools and then went to his local mainstream secondary school and on to university.

Here Richard describes being humiliated by his teacher in PE lessons.

  • Richard Rieser
  • Richard Rieser
  • Richard Rieser
  • Richard Rieser


There were two PE lessons a week, and I used to get changed in these white shorts, plimsolls, and a white T-shirt. And quite often I’d get changed, and this bloke, Mr Blane, he said, 'Rieser, you’re a dead man in this lesson', not before I got changed but after. So this was quite humiliating, because there was me and one or two others kids sat on the bench, and when occasionally I was in there, I was always the last one to be chosen, except when we did British Bulldog which we did at the Scouts, I was pretty good. I was quite strong, so I used to smack through the rest of them.

The worse thing he did, so when I’d been in some of the PE lessons, it was an all boys’ school, so everybody'd strip off into the showers together. And he would be standing there at the edge of the showers as everybody went in, and he’d make comments like, 'I see your manhood is developing', and all this stuff, 'oh look at Rieser, he’s a bit lopsided', flick me with a wet towel, you know it was very humiliating. And this allowed others to do the same sort of thing.

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