Time in Hospital

Richard Rieser: Maternal Deprivation

Richard was born in 1948 in London. He attended private mainstream primary schools and then went to his local mainstream secondary school and on to university.

Here Richard talks about being in hospital as a young child.

  • Richard Rieser
  • Richard Rieser
  • Richard Rieser
  • Richard Rieser


And I do remember in hospital at three, because I had to go in to have my tonsils out, so I do remember that. I remember the green cot that I was in, the metal, the smell of it. And I didn’t like being back there at all, it was the sort of memory that it brought back. And of course in those days parents weren’t allowed to stay. I’ve got pictures of my parents coming to see me in the hospital, I think once a fortnight they were allowed to come for one hour out to Stanmore. The rest of the time you were just there with the nurses. So in terms of theories, you know, maternal depravation and all of that, it obviously had an affect on me, losing, you know, contact with my mum and so on.

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