Impact on Adult Life

Alice: Not Good Enough

Alice was born in 1957 in Buckinghamshire. She went to mainstream primary schools and moved to a residential special school with her sister for her secondary education.

Here Alice describes the lasting impact of her education.

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  • Alice


I think it's had a huge, huge impact on my life experience, I think I would have had, had I had a better secondary education, I would have had a completely different life experience and, and you know there's a bit of me that says, there's a bit of me that gets cross about that sometimes and, but actually most of the time I just go, 'That's life, everybody has crap life experiences in some way or another', and you just get on with it don't you? I don't know, but certainly the business of having to be ten per cent better than everybody else has absolutely coloured my life and this notion that I am not good enough is absolutely, oh it’s so fundamentally ingrained and I am sure that came from my secondary education, there's no way that came from anywhere else

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