Alice: One Friend

Alice was born in 1957 in Buckinghamshire. She went to mainstream primary schools and moved to a residential special school with her sister for her secondary education.

Here Alice talks about her tendency to have just one friend.

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I don't know whether I was a one-friend person or whether actually it was just that it was harder for me to mix, so I tended to end up with only one friend, and I don't know, or maybe my mother couldn't cope with millions of children round the house and I couldn't go out and, the only way of going out, you know, the only way of mixing was to have somebody in my house, because I couldn't go out with them in the same way as they could go out and mix in the public domain as it were. So, you know, if my mother didn't want ninety-six million children round her house every afternoon, the only option was to have just that one friend.

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