First Day

David Webb: Quis? Ego

David Webb was born in 1951 in Winchester. He spent his entire school life attending various boarding schools apart from three years which he spent in hospital from the age of seven and then continued his education at Worcester College for the Blind.

Here David describes his first day at his residential school with a ‘public school culture’.

  • David Webb
  • David Webb


I have a vague memory of the first day. Turning up with my mother, and a severe, housekeeper woman taking charge of me, and then sitting in the common room, I arrived quite early, then as kids were arriving, it sort of faded out after a couple of years of being there but there was, the way people came into the room and asked who was in there, it was, as I say , it was quite a, it was run as a public school and, and people kept opening the door and going 'Quis?' which is Latin for 'Who?', that means 'Who's there?' and people would reply 'Ego'. And the door kept opening and I was sitting in this common room and people kept going 'Quis?' and I thought 'This Chris is very popular.'

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