David Webb: Falling Asleep

David Webb was born in 1951 in Winchester. He spent his entire school life attending various boarding schools apart from three years which he spent in hospital from the age of seven and then continued his education at Worcester College for the Blind.

Here David recalls what would happen if you fell asleep in an English lesson.

  • David Webb
  • David Webb


I can remember our first English teacher. I quite liked him 'cause he was, shall we say, he was quite direct. As visually impaired people you didn't need to keep looking at a teacher or a blackboard and so, the habit was, you had a braille machine on your desk and I found that everybody was apt to rest their head on their braille machine and quite often go to, and, if he suspected you were sleeping, braille books are quite heavy, he'd just hurl a braille book and land it right by your ear, so I remember that.

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