Mark Baggley: Skiving

Mark was born in 1960 in Hull and grew up in Scunthorpe. Mark went to his local primary school and then was sent to a residential special school in Lincolnshire at the age of eleven. From there Mark went on to a residential special college in Coventry.

Here Mark talks about his best friend Johnny.

  • Mark Baggley


My best friend at the time was called John Wilkinson, and I remember he was always sort of there, he was a really good mate at the time, and if I needed to go to the loo, then I could take somebody with me, ‘cause of the time it took me, so if me and him wanted a skive, I used to say, ‘I need to go to the loo, sir,’ and Johnny would come with me and we’d hang around, chatting outside and stuff.

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