Mark Baggley: Teachers

Mark was born in 1960 in Hull and grew up in Scunthorpe. Mark went to his local primary school and then was sent to a residential special school in Lincolnshire at the age of eleven. From there Mark went on to a residential special college in Coventry.

Here Mark talks about his teacher Mr Freake

  • Mark Baggley


My first teacher was called Mr Freake, and he was a lovely guy. And at the time I was walking on crutches, I think I'd just about come out of callipers then, I had ankle callipers. And they organised a trip to Cleethorpes Zoo, which was about thirty miles away as a school trip out. And the school decided that I couldn't go because he couldn't look after me and take care of the other children. So this would be like 1967, and Mr Freake, my wonderful hero that he is now, said that if he didn't take me, then the whole class weren't going, which was incredible when you think back at that time. And what he did, he borrowed his grandma's wheelchair and took me. But from my memory we never used that, I was on his shoulders most of the day.

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