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Jhon: Choosing Secondary

Jhon talks about choosing a secondary school.


I think it’s important to me that I was able to come to a school that was fully accessible and that I wouldn’t have trouble getting around and socialising really. It was sad at first that I was coming here because none of my friends were coming to this school. So when I joined I knew no one but I quickly made friends and that was quite important to me, that I didn’t feel alone, and so it was high on my list to make friends as soon as I got here. And so I think that’s important when you’re moving school and I think it can be harder if you’ve got a disability because you’ll meet people that don’t want to know if you’ve got a disability and as soon as they find out, some people sort of become more distant and cut off contact with you really. So it was important I met as many people as I could so that, that wasn’t a problem. I think the best thing about the school is the people really. Everyone is really friendly, really supportive and I’ve never really had any problems making friends here or getting to know people. Everyone’s really sort of wanted to help me out from as soon as I came here for induction. I left on that first day already with lots of friends and so it’s really welcoming to come here and meet everyone.

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