Jhon talks about a school trip to Paris.


School trips have actually been quite good because with us knowing about them well in advance there’s been time to get things sorted. Over Christmas I went to Paris with the school for a week and that was fantastic. I had an LSA that came with meant they were always on hand to, push my wheelchair if I needed it, carry things for me. And the school were really good at making sure before they booked anything that it was accessible, that they’d booked accessible rooms at the hotel and things like that. And they were really good at giving me independence on the trip, so I had the phone number of the LSA if I needed any help but apart from that they’d go off with the teachers and I’d be able to stay with my friends and just go off. And I’d say all of my friends are really supportive and they all know about my condition and so they were more than willing to carry a bag after we went shopping there or something.

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