Jhon talks about his involvement in planning his support at school.


Yeah, from primary school I’ve always been in my annual reviews, so that I know what’s happening and I’m involved in putting my opinion forward on what I think would work best, and my school’s and my parents have always ensured that I’ve been there so that I can always have that opinion. And the SENCOs, Special Educational Needs Coordinators,at all of my schools have always welcomed me going to them at any point throughout the year if there’s a problem and even day to day the LSA’s always check what they need to do, whether they need to be there with me instead of just presuming what I need.
I have an annual review every October, over my statement of special educational needs and there we’ll go over everything in it and check whether anything needs changing. But we’ll also talk about the support I currently get and whether it’s working and what needs changing. And so, at each one we’ve always took the time to discuss how it’s going in terms of the schools point of view, but also how I feel it’s going and if I feel anything needs changing. Yeah, I’ve always been supported in that and so obviously at primary school I wasn’t making as many decisions, but as it’s continued I’ve been able to make more and more and I’d say I’m at a point now where I'm pretty much controlling a lot of it and I use Direct Payments out of school and so I’ve got the experience of working the PA’s and LSA’s and things like that and knowing the best way things could work.

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