Jhon talks about how his college supports him at school.


I have someone to help me from lesson to lesson, so I’ll leave a few minutes early so that I can avoid the crush when everyone goes. And then if I need it, someone will help me scribe in my lessons and things like that, just to help me keep up with the pace of the work. I have an LSA who helps me in my lessons when I need it and at the start of the lesson they’ll check if I need anyone. If I don’t, they’ll go off so that I’ve got some more independence, but then come back at the end. And then in PE and lessons like that they’ll differentiate the lessons so that I can get as involved as I can do. So it’s little things like that, just to give me that extra independence and support when I need it. Do you have any say in who supports you? I’ve not really been asked about who supports me, but I’ve always found that the people I’ve had have always sort of listened to me and I’ve never really had a problem with who’s been put with me anyway. But I’d hope that if I wasn’t sort of connecting with someone and (wasn't) finding it easy to work with them, that the school would possibly change that person to someone else, I’d hope. But it hasn’t been a problem? No it’s not been a problem.

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