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Jhon: Loss of Confidence

Jhon talks about an injury in the playground.


In Year 5 I was playing with friends at my primary school and I used to have a bit of an area where I could go to where other students wouldn’t be coming, and so my friends would come but then it wouldn’t get too crowded. And I fell over and broke my arm which, is quite easy to break bones with my condition. And the school didn’t call for an ambulance, they waited for my parents to come which were half an hour away And when they got there, they then called for an ambulance but it caused a lot of problems because I’d waited so long for any treatment for it. So that was sort of the main problem and after that I lost a lot of confidence and became a bit shy I’d say, because I felt as though people didn’t know about my condition, even though they did and sort of quite scared to do anything because I knew that if I fell over and broke a bone 'Would the same thing happen to me and would I get any help?' and so it took me a while to build up that confidence again.

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